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Aunty Frank is a digital marketing agency, based in Raglan NZ, that understands the real life juggle of maintaining a healthy life balance, whilst being a busy business owner.

We specialise in helping entrepreneurial buisness owners to regain their time and explode their businesses with tried and tested lead generation techniques.

Unbusy your life!
Bring in reliable business revenue!
Reclaim your life on your terms!

Aunty Frank generates successful campaigns to ultimately drive new leads, to grow your business and remove the fear out of digital marketing. We help you to get back your time with family and gain financial stability.

Let ‘Aunty Frank’ take care of you!

& Values

Authentic Relationships

At Aunty Frank we pride ourselves on friendly, genuine communication. Truth, honesty and transparency! Our authentic relationships form the fabric of our services.

Enjoyment & Fun

Creative cleverness comes with a whole lot of fun .... smiles are where it’s at! We want you to enjoy your experience and time within our family. Let’s create fun vibes together.

Passionate Professional

The Aunty Frank Team genuinely care and want you to succeed. We are passionate about achieving those higher goals and lifestyle that makes your heart sing.

The aunty frank team


Founder & Digital Market

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Hello!  I’m Shari Amos, creator of Aunty Frank. I started this adventure after experiencing first-hand the struggle of being a mum supporting three children and trying to use my 20+ years of branding and digital creative skills to create a successful business. I love exploring new ideas, combining fun and playfulness to create empowering client journeys. 

I believe strongly in connecting authentically with people, inspiring confidence and creating fantastic results.  At  Aunty Frank, I’m on a mission to support you in caring for your family and business, by inviting you to connect with ours.

We’re Aunty Frank - and frankly, it’s a pleasure and a privilege to serve you.

Ready to GROW YOUR BUSINESS? take off?