iPALS - Recruitment

Discovery call / Consultation / R & D Development / Social Platform Set-Up

Impact overview


When iPALS started to work with Aunty Frank, they were very confused about their focus and business direction, with two streams of business their messaging was muddled. At this time they were also re-developing their website and online functionality.


Aunty Frank knew that the team at iPALS needed some strategy and thought around how to move forward. The R & D process, coupled with creating a foundations doc, around the key areas of their business and audiences, has allowed iPALS to successful manage the re-design of their website with the customer journey in-mind and start to establish an online presence. We look forward to continuing to work with iPALS in these early business stages.

“This year I embarked on a mammoth task to shake up my business and try to reach out to different markets. Shari @ Aunty Frank worked through the R & D Stage with me, without her input, guidance, and direction we would not have had the foundation to move forward with the development work on our new website. She coordinated with the developers of the new site and made sure my requests were met and made sure my voice was heard.
I will be sticking with Aunty Frank, I loved their flexible, around me and the crazy hectic world of construction and labor. They were able to guide me, create focus with the direction of our company and the target audience that we are aiming for. Aunty Frank really took care of me.
I would definitely recommend Aunty Frank and I look forward to continuing to work with them on our future marketing campaigns!”


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